How to easily flash Hybrid Modem for LTE Connectivity on Nexus 4

1We all know what a popular device the Google Nexus 4 truly is, not only did it pack a powerful CPU but the fact that it is also very light on your wallet, made it one of the most sought after developer friendly phones available. That being said, the only drawback the device did have was the lack of official LTE connectivity. Of course, you could always tweak around with the device to enable LTE connectivity but that requires some computer and Android know how or at least that used to be the case as thanks to Nexus 4 LTE Modem Flasher by bpear (recognized XDA Developer).

Thanks to Nexus 4 LTE Modem Flasher you can flash your desired radio with just one click. Of course, that’s not everything the app does, apart from being able to flash a stock modem starting from version 0.24 up to 0.98, you can also flash an LTE Hybrid Modem, and enable/disable LTE support in your build.prop, which makes this app the perfect candidate to tweak around the LTE connectivity of your Nexus 4 with ease.

Using the app is real easy as well as everything is self-explanatory, of course it goes without saying that you should have some know how what flashing in a certain radio would do for your Nexus 4. The UI may be somewhat too simplistic for many users but then again with such an app, it’s not the UI you want. Anyhow, you will need a rooted device to be able to flash in any modem which can be easily achieved on a Nexus device.

All in all, if you’re using the stock ROM on your Nexus 4, this app will help you get LTE connectivity on your phone without the hassle of flashing in the radios via a PC. So we highly recommend that you give this app a go, link for the download can be found below.

Google Play Store Link: Click here

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