How to fix the SD Card app installation issue on KitKat


The new Android 4.4 or as it is commonly known as the KitKat update has brought quite a few new features to Android smartphones. While, most of those features are great, there are some features that not everyone is crazy about. One of such features is the limitation of the SD card freedom you once had. As you may very well be aware, thanks to the KitKat update, applications are now no longer allowed to be installed on external storage by default. Thus making it almost impossible for most people to not clutter up their internal storage with loads of app goodness.

Aware of this problem, XDA Developers Senior Member, tliebeck has released a new app on the market that allows users to bypass the permission levels and install apps directly to the phone’s external storage. The app right now is in its beta stages and according to the developer should only be tried with apps you can reflash to your phone from scratch. So, if you’re interested to fix this nasty little feature you can just get the app from clicking one of the links at the end.

Of course, before you do that you should be aware that apart from the app being in beta stages, there are a few prerequisites you should be aware of. You should be running a stock ROM as most custom ROMs already bypass this feature by default and you should have root privileges on your device.

As for app usage, well there’s not much to it as after the installation of the app (either from Play Store or direct apk flash) you just have to run the app, read the disclaimers, check a box and click continue to modify your device to be able to install apps on your external storage once again. So go ahead and try it out.

Google Play Store Link: Click here

Direct Download Link: Click here

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