How to flash Android 4.3 Google Edition JWR66V on your Galaxy S4

Google Galaxy S4Great news for all Samsung Galaxy S4 owners, as a new build numbered Android 4.3 JWR66V for the Galaxy S4 Play Store Edition has been leaked on to the internet prior to its official release. While the update will be pushed first officially to the Galaxy S4 Play Store Edition, the leaked version created from the dump file of the build will essentially work on all S4s.

While the new ROM will bring changes to your current phone by allowing it to wirelessly charge even when powered off or letting you run apps like Google Wallet etc. on non-rooted devices, it does have its fair share of bugs as well. The bugs include problems while running apps like Titanium Backup, GTA Vice City, CNN, HBO Go etc. and bugs that affect the SIM unlocking feature.

Now, I know while most of you would be eager to try this ROM out, our suggestion would be that you wait for the official update to be launched by Google that will be deprived of all the bugs. However, if your mind is made up, here is how you flash the ROM on to your Samsung Galaxy S4 (it doesn’t really matter which variant you are using, all you need is a custom Recovery Mod).

  • If you are an AT&T user then before flashing, your baseband should read UCUAMDL or UCUAMF3.  If not, flash the updated modem or reflash with stock Odin.
  • Do a full backup of your current ROM in case you want to revert back.
  • Do a factory reset and wipe the cache clean.
  • Flash the ROM from your phone’s SD card.
  • Reboot the system when prompted and enjoy the new ROM.

As always, we take no responsibility for any damages done to your device during or after the process. Happy Rooting Everybody!

Source: XDA Developers (JahOn)

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