How to Install a Custom ROM on Any HTC Device With Ease

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There are quite a lot of guides available on the internet that will teach you how to flash a custom ROM on HTC devices. However, most of those guides assume that you have S-OFF on your phone which for a large number of devices just isn’t true. So, today we will teach you how to flash a custom ROM on your HTC phone in a proper way.

Disclaimer: We take no responsibility for any damages that might be done to your device either during or after the process, please proceed at your own risk.

Prerequisites: You are required to have

  • Adb & Fastboot installed on your computer
  • ADB debugging enabled on your phone
  • An unlocked bootloader on your phone (if you haven’t done it yet, go here)
  • A custom TWRP recovery installed on your phone (if you haven’t done it yet, go here)
  • The ROM of your choice


  • On your computer, extract the downloaded ROM in a separate place and take out boot.img. Place the boot.img in the folder containing adb and fastboot binaries.
  • Place the downloaded ROM on your phone’s SD card. If you don’t have one, place it on your internal storage
  • Boot into your device’s custom TWRP recovery either manually or by using adb command: “adb reboot recovery”
  • Tap advanced and do a full cache and dalvik cache wipe.
  • Tap Install, find the ROM and install it.
  • Once done, tap reboot bootloader to boot back into the phone’s bootloader.
  • Once there, connect your phone to the computer (if you had disconnected it) and type: “fastboot flash boot boot.img” in a CMD window opened in the folder containing the adb and fastboot binaries
  • Type: “fastboot reboot” to boot up your phone
  • The first boot will take a few minutes, if your device gets stuck on HTC logo screen, simply reboot back to recovery and do a cache and dalvik cache wipe again.

That’s it, you will now have a custom ROM on your HTC phone.

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