How to Install ADB and Fastboot on your Computer


Almost in all of our guides, we talk about setting up ADB & Fastboot binaries on your computer. These binaries help you control your phone via the computer as well as playing an essential part when it comes to flashing recoveries and unlock bootloaders. Now, we know that you can get these binaries by downloading the Android SDK but let’s face it that is a very big download and takes a bit too much time to setup. So, today we will teach you how to bypass that and have the ADB & Fastboot binaries setup in less than 10 minutes.

For Windows:

  • Download Minimal ADB & Fastboot setup from here
  • Install it on your computer like any other program and that’s about it.
  • To access the binaries, simply run the Minimal ADB & Fastboot shortcut created in your Start Menu or by going to C:/Program Files (x86)/Minimal ADB and Fastboot/ and opening a CMD window there(Default location, where C: is the drive you have Windows installed in)
  • You can flash any file you want by dragging it to the CMD window (this simply types the full location of the file in the CMD window).

For MAC:

  • Open a Terminal window (Can be found in Applications>Utilities)
  • Type the following command without the quotation marks in the start: “bash <(curl -s”
  • The Terminal will ask for your password. Keep in mind that the cursor in the Terminal Window will stay still and anything you enter will be invisible. So just type the password and press enter
  • That’s it; you will now have ADB and Fastboot binaries installed on your MAC. To access the binaries, simply open a terminal window and start using the commands right away.
  • In order to flash a file, simply drag the file from its location to the terminal window and it will paste the file’s location in the terminal.

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