How to Install KitKat on Motorola Droid X


While most of us are awaiting the release of Android L, there are people out there who’re still using Jelly Bean or lower official firmware as they have no other choice. Trust me it’s not by choice as most of the devices have been outdated and as a result left in the dark. However, every now and then a third party, after market development effort does tend to bring new life to these devices and such is a case with the Motorola Droid X and its brand new KitKat ROM.

The ROM in question is a port of the CM 11 ROM and brings the best functionality of the OS to the battered old device. Of course there are some bugs in the ROM but to be fairly honest with a device this old, they are fairly minimal and the ROM itself is highly functional. The only bug that we could fairly establish was the inability of the ROM to work the device’s camera properly as it kept displaying shades of blue. Apart from that, everything is in top working order which is quite surprising considering that the device only has a RAM of 512 MB.

In any case, if you want to flash in the CM 11 KitKat port to your Motorola Droid X, just follow our simple guide below.

Disclaimer: We take no responsibility for any damages that might be done to your device either during or after the process, proceed at your own risk.

Prerequisites: You will require a custom recovery installed on your device for this to work. We recommend getting TWRP for your device.


  • Download the ROM from here and place it on your device’s SD card.
  • Boot your device into custom recovery either manually (restart while holding the power button and vol. down key) or via adb (“adb reboot recovery”)
  • Find the “Install from SD card” option and flash it to your device.
  • Flash the latest package of Gapps (can be found in the download link for the ROM) in the same way
  • Do a full Delvik Cache/Cache wipe.
  • Restart your device

And voila, you will have a working KitKat ROM on your Motorola Droid X. Have fun and enjoy the amazing functionality of KitKat on your old Motorola device.

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