How to install Unofficial CWM Recovery (Beta Version) on your Moto X

rogers-moto-x-video-always-on-voice-2It hasn’t really been long since the much hyped Moto X was made available for the general public and while the phone did fall short from a lot of expectations that we had, it is nevertheless not a bad device. So, if you did manage to get your hands on one of these phones and just want to start having your way with it, you will have to wait a little as Android development for the Moto X is not really booming as of now. However, that being said thanks to XDA developer mattlgroff, an unofficial CWM Recovery for the Moto X is available.


Before starting we would like to remind everyone that we take no responsibility for any damages that might be done to your device either during or after the process. Also, this is a WORK IN PROGRESS recovery, so do take caution even though no faults or bugs have been reported on the forums as of yet.


You will need the Motorola Fastboot Files which can be downloaded from here, the USB Drivers which can be downloaded from here and of course an unlocked bootloader, which can be achieved through the Official Motorola Unlocking Tool which can be accessed from here.


  • Download the Custom Recovery file from here
  • Place the Recovery file in the fastboot folder and open a command prompt window there
  • Boot into the fastboot mode of your phone manually by pressing the power and volume down key and then connect it to your PC.
  • Type in the following command: fastboot flash recovery cwm.img
  • Wait for the recovery to flash and there you have it, you now have a custom CWM Recovery (still in beta) on your Moto X.

Now I will like to remind everyone for the third time that this recovery is still under work so do proceed with caution. Happy flashing everybody.

Motorola Fastboot Files: Click here

USB Drivers: Click here

Bootloader Unlocking: Click here

Custom Recovery Files: Click here

Courtesy of: XDA Developers (mattlgroff)

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