How to launch a custom app on Moto X by twisting your wrist


For those of you remember, one of the features that made us give so much publicity to the Moto X was the ability to launch its camera applications by twisting your wrist. This was truly a unique and novel feature which could have had gone great if they had decided to back up the device with the proper hardware, however that didn’t happen and as a result the device ended up being neglected.

If you did get a Moto X and now are looking to tweak it a bit, you should definitely think about trying out the Twisty Switch Xposed Mod. The mod in question allows you to choose which app to launch when you twist your wrist twice. It also allows you enable vibration upon launch which is a great feature if you’re a person who just can’t seem to keep his hands in one place.

The mod really is quite great but it does have one slight hiccup which is that any app launched by the twist of the wrist bypasses your lock screen. However, the developer of the app has promised to launch a patch which will fix this problem soon. In any case, if you’re a Moto X owner then this is one Xposed Framework Mod you should definitely think about trying out.

Disclaimer: We take no responsibility for any damages that might occur to your device either during or after the process.

Prerequisites: You will need a rooted device along with Xposed Framework (check this comprehensive guide that we have over here if you have any questions on how to install Xposed Framework).


  • Download the ad remover module from here
  • Install the module like any other apk you may download from the internet after copying it into your phone.
  • Launch the Xposed Installer and go to the “Modules” section to enable the installed module by checking the checkbox, choose the app you want to launch by twisting your wrist and close the framework
  • Reboot your phone for the desired Mod to be activated.
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