How to limit access using Xposed Framework Mod


Here at Android Junkies we are somewhat of security freaks and always are looking for new ways to make our devices safer. Just recently we talked about the Min Min Lock that allowed users to lock specific apps on their phones with ease. While that was a great way to deny or limit the amount of access anyone had on your device, today we will teach you how to install Xposed Kids Mod.

The mod in question basically allows you to limit access by choosing up to 3 apps (or 8 in the paid version) that are left open while the rest of the phone is locked with a passkey. This basically saves you the hassle of having to lock each app separately or even worrying about anyone installing and using an app while you weren’t looking. It also works exceptionally well for people with kids, as usually a shared tablet only has 2-3 games which kids love to play. Installing the whole thing is quite easy and can be done in a matter of seconds. If you have never installed an Xposed Module before, just follow our easy guide below to get started.

Disclaimer: We take no responsibility for any damages that might occur to your device either during or after the process.

Prerequisites: You will need a rooted device along with Xposed Framework (check this comprehensive guide that we have over here if you have any questions on how to install Xposed Framework).


  • Download the module from here
  • Install the module like any other apk you may download from the internet after copying it into your phone.
  • Launch the Xposed Installer and go to the “Modules” section to enable the installed module by checking the checkbox, change whatever icons you want
  • Reboot your phone for the desired Mod to be activated

Note: The default password for the app is 1234 and pressing the home button takes you back to the app selection screen.

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