How to restore Moto X using Moto X Restore Utility

Moto X restore Utility

One thing that stops a lot of people from messing around with their device is the idea that in doing so they will void their device’s warranty. Of course, there are some courageous people out there who like to live on the wild side and don’t really care what the cost of a rooted device is. Now rooting a device is your personal preference but the trouble arises when you somehow manage to void your device’s warranty through root etc. only to run across a hardware error. The ethical thing to do in such cases is to take responsibility for your actions, however thanks to the Moto X Restore Utility (courtesy of recognized XDA Developer, mattlgroff), it turns out you have another way out.

The Moto X Restore Utility is a simple script that will restore your device to factory state and thus will allow you to claim a warranty through your cellphone carrier. That being said, the script only works for the big four US carriers and the two developer editions and doesn’t support the Moto X variants of US Cellular, Rogers or other carriers.

Using the Moto X Restore Utility to reset your device is a very simple procedure and doesn’t really take that much time. If you’re interested just follow the simple guide given below.

Disclaimer: We or the developer of this script take no responsibility for any damages that might be done to your device either during or after the process. We also can’t promise to a 100% that warranty claim will be available for your device even after running this script as well.

Prerequisites: You will require 2 GB of available RAM on your computer along with 3 GB of storage space for this process to work. Do remember the original file is only of 1 MB, the rest of the files will be downloaded as per your requirement.


  • Download the script according to your OS, for Mac OS X (Intel only) click here, for Linux click here, for Windows (Vista and above) click here.
  • Run the script according to your OS (more information can be found at the original forum if you’re confused) and choose the option you want.
  • To restore your Moto X using this script, you will have to connect your phone in fastboot mode. You can access the mode by either restarting the phone with the power and vol. up key pressed or by using adb command: “adb reboot bootloader” then quickly tap the power button and hold the vol. down key until the fastboot menu pops up.
  • Simply follow the on screen instructions and please READ EVERYTHING and be sure of what you’re about to do as messing around will cause your device to get bricked.
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