How to Root Amazon Fire 5th Generation


The era of tablets has almost come to an end as more and more manufacturers are focusing on Phablets. However, not all companies feel that way and some are trying their best to keep the consumer market interested in tablets, citing them to be excellent tools for education and creativity. Such an attempt was ever so apparent at the release of Amazon Fire’s 5th generation tablet, which was set to be sold at a low price of $50. Yes, finally a gift which you could present to everyone you cared about a bit but just never felt the need to spend exorbitant amounts of cash to show it. The tablet isn’t that bad per say and works exceptionally well when it comes to reading e-books but it does lack a few features. These features nonetheless can be added by rooting the device and that is exactly what we will teach you today i.e. how to root Amazon Fire 5th Generation with ease.

Disclaimer: We take no responsibility for any damages done to your device either during or after the process, please proceed at your own risk.

Prerequisites: You are required to have

  • ADB & Fastboot installed and set up on your computer
  • USB Debugging enabled on the tablet
  • USB Drivers for the tablet installed on your computer


  • Download the Unofficial TWRP recovery from here and SuperSU package from here
  • Place the SuperSU’s .zip file (without extracting) into your tablet’s internal storage
  • Open a CMD window the folder containing adb and fastboot and type: “adb reboot bootloader”
  • Type: “fastboot boot twrp.img” to boot into TWRP. Remember to replace twrp.img with the appropriate file name and to either drag and drop the .img in the CMD window after typing fastboot boot or to place the file in the folder containing fastboot binaries.
  • Tap Install and simply install the SuperSU package we placed on your tabs internal storage earlier
  • Reboot

That’s it, you now have successfully managed to root Amazon Fire 5th Generation with ease.

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