How to Root LG G Stylo on Android 5.1.1


LG G Stylo is often considered to the poor man’s version of the Note series. The device as a result has always struggled to find sales in a market that is dominated by the Galaxy series. The phone itself often under performs which is exactly why we recommend that you root this device and just get rid of all the bloatware you have to make it run a bit faster. If you don’t know how to do that, well today is your lucky day as this guide will teach you how to root LG G Stylo running Android 5.1.1.

Disclaimer: We take no responsibility for any damages done to your device either during or after the process, please proceed at your own risk.


  • You will need to have the device drivers of the LG G Stylo installed on your computer


  • Download the required file from here and extract it to an easily accessible place.
  • Turn off your phone and connect it while holding the volume UP key to the computer. It will say Upgrading Firmware on the phone screen if this is done correctly.
  • Open the extracted folder and run Ports.bat. Note the DIAG1 port
  • Now open a CMD window in this folder and type: “Push_File.exe \\.\COMX busybox /tmp/busybox”
    (represented in this guide by COMX).
  • Now type: “Push_File.exe \\.\COMX /tmp/” followed by typing: “Push_File.exe \\.\COMX /tmp/”
  • Alright now type: “Send_Command.exe \\.\COMX”
  • Then: “ls tmp” it will show fail in the CMD window, no need to worry just type “ls tmp” again.
  • Type: “sh /tmp/ dummy 1 /tmp/ /tmp/busybox”
  • We are almost done, type: “LEAVE” to make your phone reboot.

Once your phone reboots back to the home screen, that is it, you will now have finally managed to root LG G Stylo running on Android 5.1.1 with ease. If you face any problems just yell at us in the comment box below and we will try to sort it out.

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