How to Root Nexus 9 on Android 6.0


With the release of Android M and its intense new security features, rooting devices which are running Android 6.0 is a bit of a challenge. However, as always we have got your back as today we will be teaching you how to root Nexus 9 with the help of a custom Kernel.

Disclaimer: We take no responsibility for any damages done to your device either during or after the process, please proceed at your own risk. If you do manage to soft brick your device, you can always download the factory image and flash it to restore your phone back to stock.

Prerequisites: You will need ADB & Fastboot binaries on your computer as well as having the bootloader on your phone unlocked. If you haven’t done it already, you can do it by using the command: “Fastboot oem unlock” while in fastboot menu.


  • Download the custom kernel you will need from here
  • Download the file and place it on your phone’s storage as well as the kernel.
  • Download a custom recovery for your Nexus 9 from here and name it recovery.img as well as moving it to the folder containing the fastboot binaries.
  • Now connect your Nexus 9 to the computer and open a CMD window in the folder containing the adb binaries.
  • Type: “adb reboot bootloader” in the CMD window to boot into the bootloader
  • Now type: “fastboot flash recovery recovery.img”
  • Boot into the newly flashed TWRP custom recovery by choosing it from the fastboot menu.
  • Once in TWRP, simply Install the custom kernel zip
  • Now go back to the recovery’s main menu and install SuperSU zip
  • Tap Reboot System and boot back to the home screen and voila that is it, you will now a fully rooted Nexus 9.
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