How to set HTC One to S-OFF using Moonshine

HTC-One-3In light of the recent news of MoDaCo.SWITCH being available as public beta and it requiring you to have your HTC One as S-OFF, I decided it was high time that I wrote a small guide on how to achieve that for your phone. Of course, to achieve S-Off on your HTC One we will be using a third party software but do rest in peace as it has been tested time and time again by various developers and comes highly recommended from XDA Developers.

Before starting make sure you have adb and fastboot installed and working on your computer. Oh and if you are having problems with fastboot, try using USB 2.0 instead of later versions. After that just follow the instructions given below

  • Download Moonshine (the software which will S-OFF your device) from here.
  • Extract the whole file into a folder and place adb and fastboot inside that folder (you can also link moonshine and Android SDK but this is the faster version of the both).
  • Make sure that you don’t have HTC Sync installed on your phone.
  • Redo the 3rd step one more time! This is not a joke! It is important.
  • Grant distiller.exe firewall access as it connects with the web to check for updates.
  • Go to your phone and enable USB Debugging along with keep screen on.
  • Run distiller.exe from the Moonshine folder and click on yes when prompted to do so (of course, we do advise that you read what you are clicking yes to).
  • There you have it, you now have S-Off on your device.

Disclaimer: We take no responsibility of any damages that might be done to your phone during or after the process. Since this is a process which will turn your phone S-Off, we would stress on the importance of being extra careful after this as now you can now install other phone’s RUU files into your HTC One and a wrong move can brick your device.

Moonshine Download Link: Click here

XDA Forums Link: Click here

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