How to upgrade Nexus 4 to Android 4.3 by using the leaked system dump file

Google-Nexus-4Only hours ago an Android 4.3 system dump was leaked on to the internet courtesy of XDA Developers for the Nexus 4. Even though the bootloader and radios aren’t included in this system dump, the system dump is still bootable and gives us a glimpse of what would be the next Android OS version on the Nexus 4. You will need a custom bootloader (TWRP is recommended but CWM Recovery should work as well). Of course it goes without saying that if you need a custom bootloader, your bootloader should be unlocked.

So here is how you can try Android 4.3 on your Nexus 4 device

Disclaimer: We take no responsibility for any harm that might be done to your device during or after the process. Proceed at your own risk. Happy rooting everybody.

  • Download the zip file from XDA Developers forum post from here (Both of them work)
  • Make a nandroid backup of your current ROM just in case
  • Make sure you have Android SDK installed and a working adb
  • Plug your phone in the computer and reboot into recovery (doesn’t really matter how you do it. Adb reboot recovery however is the fastest way to do so)
  • Now you can either side load the 4.3 ROM into your phone via adb sideload or place the ROM file into your sdcard and simply flash it from your custom recovery by choosing the “update from zip file”. Of course, it goes without saying that you must wipe your cache etc. before flashing the ROM
  • The ROM will take some time to flash but after it’s done, reboot your Nexus 4
  • Check for root by starting either Titanium Backup or any root checking application. If it says you are rooted, you are done. If not then proceed to next step
  • Flash SuperSU from this post. TWRP recovery has no problem doing so but some CWM users have complained of the file failing to root their device. If it gives an error in TWRP you can simply select “Fix Superuser Permissions” at the end and be done with it.
  • That’s it folks, you are done with the whole process

Source: Android Police via XDA Developers

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