How to Use a Phone with a Broken Screen


There is no worse feeling in the world than the one you get when you drop your phone only to pick it up and find a non working shattered display. Most users at this point have no other choice but to buy another device but the sad fact that you are unable to retrieve data from the phone or can’t use a certain app such as Google Authenticator till you get a new phone is somewhat frustrating to say the least. However, all hope is not lost as there are ways to use your phone even if you have a broke screen. There are a lot of ways you can retrieve the data or use your phone if you had USB Debugging enabled on the device. One of those ways is by using a computer program called My Phone Explorer.

The program is quite simple to use and will allow you to backup contacts, SMS, files, Call Logs as well as letting you use the phone with the help of your keyboard and mouse by mirroring the phone’s screen information on the computer. Of course since the program utilizes the adb bridge to do this, the whole process of mirroring an action is a bit slow.

Now, I am aware that not everyone has USB debugging enabled on their device and this might present a problem for people whose screen have broken but there are ways around that. For instance, you can always flash a debugging permissive kernel to your phone (provided there is one available for your device) by looking it up on XDA Developers. Alternatively, you can always try flashing a custom recovery and trying to backup your contacts and SMSs from the recovery instead. Obviously that also takes a lot of technical know how but it is still doable.

All in all, I highly recommend My Phone Explorer for anyone who has lost the functionality of their phone screen and just wants to use their device by any means necessary.

My Phone Explorer Download Link: Click Here

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