HTC Butterfly S seen in leaked images


The HTC Butterfly S has been in the rumor spotlight for a while now, and there is a good reason behind it. The original HTC Butterfly also known as Droid DNA was a great smartphone, and among then very first to introduce a full HD 1080p screen on a smartphone. So naturally people and Android Junkies are excited to see what the Taiwanese manufacturer has in store for the next iteration of the smartphone. The HTC Butterfly S is rumored to be unveiled by HTC at a press event being held in Taiwan on June 19.

There is not much confirmed information about the HTC Butterfly S available at this moment but there are tons of rumors circulating around. Also we have some pictures which are allegedly of the HTC Butterfly S. The HTC Butterfly S, if the images are true, looks to be like the HTC Butterfly. The shape and size of the HTC Butterfly S seems to be same as the previous model, the rumors state that the smartphone will have a 5 inch full HD screen too.

The source website also says that the HTC Butterfly S will feature the new BoomSound speakers, which can be observed in the leaked pictures. The HTC Butterfly S also has a much glossier look to it than we would have liked, but the back is mercifully matte. The front will gather a lot of finger prints but at least it looks stylish. There is also the very attractive red ring around the camera sensor which gives off a unique look. Also we can spot that the latest Sense 5 UI is being shown in the images.


That being said, the smartphone is said to have 16 GB of memory with an obligatory microSD card slot. It will also get a better performing processor than the flagship HTC One and will feature an UltraPixel camera. The price is supposed to be around $670 mark. We will update you once the HTC Butterfly S becomes official.

Source: Engadget

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