HTC Desire 8, a new phablet we assume?

HTC Desire 8

HTC promised to focus on mid-range devices and just like that, HTC Desire 8 leaked for us to admire. We are suspecting that HTC must have had some hand in leaking these beautiful looking images of HTC Desire 8. The HTC Desire 8 it seems is a mid-range phablet with a great looking design. Quite frankly the leaked images are from some press release which is yet to be released. We assume that HTC was aiming to launch the HTC Desire 8 or at least show it off at MWC this month.

The HTC Desire 8 was discovered by a Chinese website called MyDrivers and was also confirmed by Engadget. The smartphone is labeled as the member of HTC Desire 8 series. So we suppose that the HTC Desire 8 will have something like “Epic” or “Ultra”.  What we do know is that the HTC Desire 8 will come with a 5.5 inch screen and some medium range specs. The smartphone will also have a 13 MP rear facing camera and the front one will be a 5 MP one. Apart from this, there is no solid information about the sleek looking smartphone as of now.

Will the HTC Desire 8 come with two speakers? We don’t know yet but we do want HTC to continue with that novel idea. The smartphone which is shown in the picture does seem a bit slim for a phone of 5.5 inch size, but that may be just the photo. The camera placement is also to the far top left side, which makes it a very clean back smartphone. The flash is also supporting something fancy. If you look you can see that there are no buttons on the front of the HTC Desire 8. So we are looking at all on screen buttons here. Regardless, we will surly know more at MWC.

Source: Android Authority

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