HTC M7 price leaked, its ouch!

HTC M7 priceRecently today the HTC M7 price was leaked to the masses, and the smartphone won’t be coming with a “smart” price tag. This was already expected from a device of this caliber, the HTC M7 price reflects that you are going to pay a premium price of a premium device. But we were hoping that HTC might surprise us by introducing an otherworldly price for its latest flagship smartphone, I guess you don’t always get you wish for. A French site named FrAndroid (Fr is for France, clever!) has gotten hold of a snap which showed the HTC M7 price listed for a retailer called Phone House.

The HTC M7 price is €649.99, which is around $880 US dollars and £560; well that’s what the brochure was saying. This leak would not have raised some flags, it the image itself was not removed from the host site. This means that the French site was contacted by the company, regarding the removal of confidential information. We are not FIA agents, but when a company does something like this, it only means that there was some truth in the leak. The HTC M7 price, if you consider the specs it will be housing, is rather reasonable but it is still very expensive.

The listing also showed that the HTC M7 will have the previously rumored 32 GB on board memory as well as Beats Audio technology. The smartphone will also pack a full HD 1080p screen measuring at 4.7 inches. This coupled with 2 GB of RAM, Android Jelly Bean, LTE/4G connectivity and NFC makes the HTC M7 one hell of a smartphone. Not to mention the rumored ultrapixel 13 MP camera it is supposed to have. While the specs are awesome, the HTC M7 price will be out of reach for many. HTC will be holding a HTC event on 19th of February and we are hopeful that the Taiwanese company will announce the HTC M7 there. We will keep you posted.

Sources: FrAndroid

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