HTC One 2014 gets leaked ahead announcement

HTC One 2014

We know that HTC is brewing a huge announcement for HTC One 2014. But a new 12 minute long video is already showcasing the HTC One 2014 in all its glory on the internet. This video is made using a developer edition of the HTC One 2014 which may be called something else when officially announced. The video was uploaded on Youtube which unsurprisingly has been taken down from the video sharing website. This doesn’t mean that there are no other copies of the video available online.

Just as the previously leaked images suggested, the HTC One 2014 will be a slightly reshaped HTC One which was released in 2013. We loved the overall design and heft of the original smartphone and it seems that HTC One 2014 will be retaining some of the iconic design features. The side of the smartphone does look changed though, perhaps for the better with their curvier design. The smartphone also has seen an increase in size, from 4.7 to 5 inches. The top of the smartphone has a black plastic panel while the side has a microSD card slot which we sorely missed in last year’s flagship smartphone. Oddly enough, the headphone jack is located on the bottom of the HTC One 2014. Check out the video below:

The back remains almost the same as the previous model but the smartphone somehow manages to loot taller. The camera on the back and the LED flash seems to be on the same places, we still don’t know what another black circle on the back is for. In the video the smartphone does look to be working blazing fast and according to the guy who has the smartphone BlinkFeed is cool now. We will keep you updated though. As of now the leak seems to be authentic, well at least to us.

Source: Youtube

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