Kickass Galaxy S4 render surfaced

galaxy s4It was getting boring without the obligatory Samsung Galaxy S4 rumors/leaks. So today we have a rather impressive Samsung Galaxy S4 render for you to ogle at. Sometimes a render is so good that we almost wish the company duplicates it. This Samsung Galaxy S4 render is certainly in this category of awesomeness. While the Samsung Galaxy S3 was a fine device, some of the things felt lacking. This render tries to get rid of them all, but in the processes it furthers itself from the possibility of being real. We have spotted some inconsistencies in the images; the previous leaked renders were closer to what Samsung may have been cooking for us.

The kickass render makes us happy (well wishful happy) with its metallic finish, a far cry from the cheap feeling plastic used for the Samsung Galaxy S3. The Samsung Galaxy S4 also supports a rather squarer design, which may be true if Samsung decides to continue its design traditions for the Galaxy devices. The Samsung Galaxy S4 seems to have gotten rid of the iconic home button Samsung uses for its smartphones, and we believe Samsung has no reason to change that. The Samsung Galaxy S4 photo also shows that the smartphone will have front facing speakers, a more natural choice is Samsung decides to repeat its motto of “designed for humans”, last time I check humans had difficulty hearing from the back speakers.

There is also a physical camera button, a welcome addition for all the photo snappers like me. All the sensors and camera seems to be on the right place. There are some specs listed on along the render too, dictating that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will have a hefty 3100 mAh battery. The smartphone will run on a 2.0 GHz Exynos 5450 quad core processor, while other rumors count towards the latest Octa core chips to be implemented. The phone will also have a 5 inch 1080p Full HD screen along with 2 GB worth of RAM. If Samsung does decide to go with this render, the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be almost unstoppable, just add the Octa core CPU and enjoy the rabid sales.

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