Kyocera DIGNO Rafre – A Washable Phone

Kyocera DIGNO Rafre

You know how you take your smartphone to the loo with you and spend insanely long time doing the business? But are actually scared to drop the phone? Kyocera DIGNO Rafre knows how you feel and has made a smartphone which is washable with soap. That’s right, now you can spend even longer periods of time doing thinsg which in the past took 10 minutes at max. That is the power of Android people!

Kyocera DIGNO Rafre is a smartphone which you can easily wash after dropping it in your food as well. Taking Instagram photos has become risk free now as well. The smartphone is not only waterproof but also heat proof to some extant as well. So that hot mac and cheese won’t even harm your smartphone if you clumsily drop it in. If you are looking for some amazing Japanese ad about the Kyocera DIGNO Rafre, you are in luck. The company has released the following ad to showcase how clumsy kids are and how you can wash the phone with soap. Take a look:

Kyocera DIGNO Rafre comes with a 5 inch TFT LCD screen, 16 GB storage, 2 GB of RAM and a microSD card slot for expansion. The smartphone will run on Android 5.1 Lollipop straight out of the box which is a good thing. The smartphone will also come with 13 MP back and 2 MP front cameras. Giving everything the power to run will be a 3000 mAh battery. The smartphone will be available in Cashmere White, Marine Navy and Coral Pink. As of now the smartphone is only available for Japan. But if you absolutely must get this amazing smartphone, you can import it just like japan exclusive videogames. Why does everything cool stays in Japan anyways. We have to wait years for localization of Anime and Videogames as it is.

Source: AndroidCentral

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