Launching Camera in Android 6.0 – Here’s an Easy Way

One of the best things about Android is that it is always evolving and making progress. Google has done a remarkable job of catering to our needs and desires and the latest update to Android 6.0 further moves this point. Launching camera in Android 6.0 was a tricky thing to do but thankfully Google has a better solution amped up and ready.

The latest build of Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow has just been released to a handful of Nexus devices and users are still exploring the new features bundled in this neat update. While the update is not a big or substantial one, there are some nifty upgrades hidden inside. One of those said features is launching camera in Android 6.0 quickly by double tapping on the power button.


Not every smartphone comes with a dedicated camera button and this makes it a little harder to launch the camera. Some smartphones come with a dedicated on screen camera button as a lock screen shortcut. However this also adds in an additional step to take pictures. This new update to the Android OS allows you to directly launch the camera app without even waking up the smartphone first. Simply double tap on the power button and the phone will wake up directly in the camera mode. The feature will come in handy when you are in a situation which warrants fast reaction times. Now you won’t be able to miss any shot just because you were fiddling with the camera launch icon.

The update also brings some adjustments to the Do Not Disturb notification modes. The “until next alarm” will unmute your smartphone notifications once your morning alarm goes off, removing the need to manually do so. Now you can sleep easy knowing that in the morning you will get all those drunk texts from friends.

Source: Android Authority

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