Leak: Could OnePlus be Thinking of Launching a Mid Ranged Phone?


Recent images and specs leaked from both FCC and the Chinese regulatory authority, TENAA showcase what seems to be a mid ranged, daily use device from OnePlus.

The device in question (the one shown in the image above) deviates heavily from the standard OnePlus design. The only things we do recognize in the design are the familiar markings for the front camera and the standard button space which is the same on all OnePlus device. However, one thing to note here is that the device is also missing the fingerprint scanner sensor. The back of the device features nothing fancy to talk about much and is pretty standard with a single tone flash, rear camera and the OnePlus logo.

The info page leaked from TENAA only strengthens our position of this being a mid ranged device as the phone is said to have a battery of only 2450 mAh which is comparitively less than the 3100 mAh battery we saw in the OnePlus One.

Now, we know that the leaked images aren’t something too great to look at but do bear in mind that these are after all leaked, blurry pictures of the phone and we still have to wait for our first clear look at the device. As for the official launch of this device, there isn’t a single rumor to speculate when that would be. Some techs did speculate that it might have had been a device aimed at Asian markets but after OnePlus didn’t unveil anything of the sort in their press conference in India, those rumors were put to rest.

Hopefully, we might be seeing this device in the near future but from what we have seen, we truly wouldn’t blame you if you decide to not hold your breath for the release of this seemingly mediocre smart phone.

Source: Weibo

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