Leaked images of LG G2 shows unique button design

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A new crop of leaked images are showing what appears to be the next smartphone from LG, the LG G2. The image also complies with the previous rumors of LG G2’s unique button placement and it seems like a real deal. The rumors which suggested that LG is going to try something new and unique with its latest smartphone seems to be true as the images depict a smartphone with a rather unorthodox button placement.


We were a bit skeptical when we heard that LG is going o make the LG G2 so thin that there won’t be any place to fit the volume rocker on the sides. Instead the Korean manufacture will be lacing the buttons on the back of the smartphone. Then another report suggested the same and today we have several leaked images which are proof that LG G2 will indeed feature back placed volume buttons. This leak comes from @evleaks, who is quite adapted at revealing devices before their primetime. Although the pictures seem quite real to us, we suggest that you take them with a little skepticism.


As you can see from the leaked images, the LG G2 seems to be a rather thin device, probably record breaking thin if you ask us. The display is almost edge to edge giving LG G2 a great look. The smartphone looks to be of at least 4.7 inches. The most eye catching thing about the LG G2 is its volume buttons which are placed on the back direct below the camera lens. There seem to be a notification LED between the plus and minus buttons; some are suggesting that it might double as a finger print scanner.


It will be pretty amazing if it turns out to be an additional flash, but we highly doubt it. So what do you think about the LG G2? Are the back placed volume buttons convenient? Or is this just a gimmick which will become obscure after a while?

Source: @evleaks

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