Leaked Images of Moto X+1 from @evleaks


For anyone who reads Android news on a regular basis the name @evleaks shouldn’t really be something new as the infamous Twitter account did manage to leak out the specs and images of various images before they were officially launched. The account saw so much success that it even forced Google to make an official statement about the Nexus series after @evleaks stated that Android Silver was going to be Google’s next project instead of Nexus. Unfortunately however a couple of weeks ago the owner of the account decided that it was high time that he retired but before he went, Mr. Blass (@evleaks) had one more treat for all Android fans out there in the form of Moto X+1 images.

The image shows the two variants of the Moto X+1 device that is yet to be officially announced by Motorola. The two variants differ only in color but it’s rather interesting to see the white colored X+1 with a wooden textured back instead of a white one. I do wonder if Motorola will consider launching a similar back for the black variant of the device. Another interesting thing to notice is the date on the clock widget of the black variant which reads out September 17. Now, I know it might be too early to speculate but it just might be the date that the device will be officially released for the public.

While we can just speculate about when the device will actually be made available for the public, we can be sure that Motorola will have something to say about it in their upcoming press event on September 4, 2014. In any case, we do hope that Mr. Blass has a fruitful retirement and we do wish him the best of luck in all of his future endeavors for he has always managed us Android fans something good to talk about.

 Source: @evleaks

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