Lenovo Golden Warrior S8 is golden

Lenovo Golden Warrior S8

There is a new smartphone in the works at Lenovo and it might be named the Golden Warrior S8. The unannounced smartphone will be a golden colored one, just like the name suggests. What we don’t get why there is a warrior in the smartphone. Anyways, while this is all unconfirmed, there is a high chance that the information is correct. The Golden Warrior S8 was seen in images posed to Chinese social media, and there were of promotional nature. The Golden Warrior S8 is seen next to the Lenovo K900 for comparison is another shot.

The Golden Warrior S8 is said to come in a golden chassis which seems to be inspired by the iconic Galaxy S2 smartphone. The Golden Warrior S8 is reported to come with a 5.3 inch screen with the resolution of 720p HD. There is also supposed to be an octa core MediaTex 6592 processor inside the smartphone running at a nice 1.4 GHz. The smartphone will come with 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of storage space. A 13 MP camera will grace the back of Golden Warrior S8 while a 5 MP will be used as the front one. The smartphone however will arrive with a 2000 mAh battery, which is a little less for our taste.

The Golden Warrior S8 is rumored to run on Android 4.2.2 which is a shame. Almost a year old, the 4.2.2 is just not going to cut it for use. But we do have trust in the thriving mod community of Android, they have already posted a 4.4 Kit Kat based ROM to phones running the same processor as Golden Warrior S8. The smartphone may seem a bit expensive due to the royal color, but it is rather cheap. And by cheap we mean $130 cheap. We will update you as soon as the Golden Warrior S8 becomes a little bit more official.

Source: Webtrek

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