Lenovo S920 official, priced at $350


With all those exciting smartphones and tablets being released in China, a tech geek like me almost wished to move there. It was only a little while ago when we heard about the Lenovo S920 from several unconfirmed sources, and today we have confirmation that the smartphone is indeed real and is headed towards China. The 5.3 inch smartphone has been officially announced and is supposed to head towards China very soon.

The leaked information has been quite right about the Lenovo S920, and while there was hope that some of it may be wrong, now there isn’t. The Lenovo S920 is a very average smartphone and the only attractive thing about it is its large display. Apart from that neither the specs are stellar nor is the chassis exceptional. The Lenovo S920 packs a 5.3 inch screen with only 1,280 x 720 pixel resolution; will it be enough to look beautiful? Yes it probably will be quite up to par. The processor is 1.2 GHz quad core MediaTek MT6589 one and is supplemented by only 1 GB of RAM. While these specs are essentially not that bad, they fall quite short of what the other Chinese companies are offering.

The Lenovo S920 packs a 2,250 mAh battery which we suspect will barely make it through the day. Even with a low power demanding CPU the large screen will ooze out the juice rapidly. The front facing camera is thankfully an 8 MP one, the front one is also nicely clocking at 2 MP.  Although the design is not very original (HTC Butterfly-ish), the 7.9 mm thing profile makes it a little bit attractive We were suspecting that the Lenovo S920 will be a budget offering, but with a price tag of $350, that is also out of the question

Source: GSMinsider

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