LG aiming to boost sales with its LG G2


It won’t be wrong if we consider the LG G2 the next big thing from LG. The korean smartphone maker has been churning out quality handsets for the past year, with Nexus 4 being the jewel of the crown. The LG G2 is shaping up to be a worthy competitor to the likes of Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One but we have to keep in mind that it is coming to the party a bit late. That being said, LG has been enjoying great sales these past few quarters.

LG has scored more than 10 million smartphones the previous two quarters which is the first time in the company’s history. An insider states that LG has refocused its energies on design. That is quite true as we are very well aware of the new and unique LG G2 design. LG will be dropping the Optimus from its flagship smartphones this round and now it will be only used for low to mid end devices. That is why the latest flagship will be called simple the LG G2, not LG Optimus G2.

“The G series has already become an invaluable brand within our company with worldwide reputation and recognition. Our marketing strategy is to project the G series as LG’s flagship line for the future.”-LG Insider

Naturally LG is betting on the LG G2 to boost its sales this season and we are  sure that will be case. The LG G2 is a true flagship with all the essentials checked off. There is a powerful processor in the shape of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 clocked at 2.3 GHz. There is 2 GB of RAM along with a full HD 5.2 inch screen. There is also a 13MP camera on the LG G2. With these specs and quite possibly a new screen, we are certain that LG will rake in more profits. We will be keeping you posted about the LG G2, it is one amazing smartphone.

Source: Phone Arena

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