LG G2 manual leaked, Nano SIM, microSD slot and removable battery


One of the most anticipated smartphones of this year is the LG G2. We are particularly excited about the smartphone due to the bold moves it is rumored to be taking with the traditional smartphone design. The LG G2 will not only be a flagship smartphone but also try to be innovative and fresh, unlike a certain Korean manufacturer who has diluted the innovative part in favor of familiarity. A recent leak has come to us regarding the LG G2 and there are numerous new nuggets of information about the smartphone.

The manual for LG G2 has been leaked detailing a lot of previously unknown information and almost confirming the relatively known ones. We know that the LG G2 will come with a back placed lock button. That’s right there won’t be any lock button on the sides of the thin smartphone but the button will now be placed directly under the camera of the smartphone. This is a very unique move by LG and is greatly appreciated, if this idea is really convenient, we can see industry moving in this direction.

The LG G2 it seems will also come with Nano SIM, which is a norm these days. What we didn’t know that the LG G2 will support microSD card slot. This is great news for those who want to increase the storage memory of their smartphones and like to keep their libraries with them. It is a bit surprising because LG Nexus 4 didn’t have this luxury and we were worried that LG might make that a standard. Great news is that the LG G2 will feature a removable back which will unveil a 2610 mAh battery. The battery it seems is also swappable for more juice on the go. These are all positive news regarding the LG G2 and I hope that these are true. We will keep you posted.

Source: Phone Arena

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