LG G3 leaks, a polycarbonate body anyone?


The LG G3 is the only major flagship smartphone which is yet to be announced. We were quite impressed by the previous iterations of the smartphone and we believe that the LG G3 will be no exception. The Sony, Samsung and HTC flagships are already announced and except Sony are readily available for purchasing. This only leaves the other South Korean tech giant to make a formal announcement about their own flagship smartphone. But we all know the more the smartphone is popular, the more will be the leaks. Such is the case with the LG G3 smartphone too.

First off we should tell you that all the information in this article is not authentic and is based on various leaks and rumors. But as you already know, these days the rumors are quite close and will be enough to give a general idea about the upcoming smartphone. This latest information about the LG G3 comes from a Bulgarian blog called Nixanbal. The blog, while being a small thing has a good reputable track record of spilling beans. Yet again this is all not official.

The LG G3 is supposed to come with a Quad HD screen with 2560 x 1440 pixels. The source also indicated that they have actually seen the device and the display is said to be impressive. There is a big chance that the screen will be around 5.5 inches but the overall body will be comparable to the 5.1 inched Samsung Galaxy S5. This is achieved by the impressively thin bezel on all the sides of the smartphone. The source also says that the smartphone will come in a polycarbonate body. We are skeptical about the information but if LG G3 does manage to bring such a high resolution screen on a 5.5 inch phone about the size of Samsung Galaxy S5, it will be a big thing. We will keep you posted.

Source: Phone Arena

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