Malware Alert: New bug infects Android via USB

It has only been a week since Apple’ senior vice president of worldwide marketing tweeted about Android virus problems. Phil Schiller disclosed a report which basically said that 99% of malware is targeted at Android devices. Well this is kind of true and we can’t really bash on Apple for pointing that out. Thankfully we have some great companies looking out for us, which includes Symantec. gave details about a new malware which infects Android via USB connection. This pesky little bugger gets to Android when the device is connected to a PC containing the malware. This happens when you sync your smartphone to your PC and you have enabled USB debugging. USB debugging mode is mostly used by developers and plays a crucial part in rooting your device. Many of us already have enabled the USB debugging on your phones, after all we do love to play around with developer options a lot.

Anyways the bug infects Android via USB by sneaking into the device and replacing the Google Play Store. As the image on the right shows, the icon with Google Play Store is named Google App Store which is a dead giveaway that your device has been compromised. The malware named Trojan.Droidpak creates a fake Play Store and once activated it searches for Korean online banking apps, deletes them and installs an infected version of the app. This means that Koreans who enter their bank info in the fake apps will have some funds missing.

What can you do to avoid the bug with infects Android via USB? First of all have a reliable anti-virus software on your PC. Then if you can do, disable USB debugging on your smartphone. Thirdly be on the lookout for anything suspicious. After all your killer instincts will come in handy when the malware infects Android via USB. Take care!

Source: Phone Arena

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