MediaTek Octa Core: is it happening?


Remember when MediaTek said that going Octa Core is useless and won’t benefit the mobile space? Well it seems that they have changed their minds as new reports are suggesting that they are working on their own MediaTek Octa Core processor. Well the tech world is rapidly changing; one thing if true on a day is wrong the very next. MediaTek Octa Core means that the company is looking to cater to the top end devices as well as budget ones.

The first report comes from UDN yesterday, which said that MediaTek will start the production on its new processor and will be pitching the chip to potential clients. The latest chip will be called the MT6592 which rests comfortably among the other mobile processor model numbers from the company. The MediaTek Octa Core or MT6592 will be clocked somewhere between 1.7 GHz and 2 GHz. MediaTek certainly has its hands full these days as the company is expect to come up with a new crop of dual core, quad core and big.LITTLE processor over the course of this year.

A good thing about the MediaTek Octa Core is that it will be an actual Octa Core processor, unlike the one featured in the Samsung Galaxy S4. Samsung’s “Octa Core” while technically is an Octa core processor, does not use all the 8 cores simultaneously. The big.LITTLE architecture powered up the Cortex A7 cores at low load and kicks in the Cortex A15 cores when more grunt is needed. The MediaTek Octa Core however will have 8 cores working at the same time. The MediaTek Octa Core will have 8 Cortex A7 cores which might not sound impressive, do score higher on the benchmarks. According to UDN the MediaTek Octa Core cored a decent 30,000 in AnTuTu benchmarks which according to us is great. We will keep you in the loop.

Source: UDN, Engadget

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