Microsoft Releases App on Play Store to Promote Windows OS


When it comes to mobile OS, Microsoft still has a long way to go before it can catch up to iOS or Android before they are able to pose a threat to the lion’s share of the market the latter two enjoy. The company is undoubtedly trying its very best to promote its OS but quite honestly the platform still lacks quite a lot when it comes to third party apps as compared to the Play Store. This is one of the major reasons why most users prefer Android and Microsoft is slowly realizing that. To counteract this, the company is pushing various new bridges for developers so they can port their apps over from Android to the Windows OS without much trouble. This hasn’t seen much success but they are still hopeful about the aspirant apps they do have which is why they have just launched a new app called App Comparison to the Play Store.

The app starts with the tagline: “Are you considering changing your Android device to Windows Phone?” and then goes on to scan the apps installed on your smartphone. After the scan, the app compares the installed apps and shows you which apps are available on the Windows Store. If any app isn’t available on the Windows Store, which will be the majority of them, the app suggests alternatives for the said app.

I went on and downloaded the app but as expected was just appalled by the lack of my favorite apps on the OS. Not only were they missing majority of my work apps but most of my favorite games were also absent from the platform.

Quite honestly, I still don’t get the idea behind releasing this app specially considering the fact that the bridge which was supposed to allow developers to port their Android apps over to Windows was delayed. Ah well, in any case, if you are thinking about leaving the Android world and are unsure about what the Windows platform has to offer, we do recommend that you think about trying this app. If not, then just avoid it because it is as useless as a solar powered flashlight.

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