Microsoft Removes “Hey Cortana” Feature from Android Version of Cortana


Just a couple of days ago we did a somewhat scathing review of Microsoft’s personal assistant app, Cortana. Now, as it turns out we weren’t the only people experiencing all the problems we mentioned in our review as those problems were so prevalent that Microsoft was left with no other choice but to take notice of them.

In the latest update for the app, Microsoft has disabled the “Hey Cortana” feature from the app. For those of you who don’t know, this feature effectively allowed Cortana to behave as a dumbed down version of Google Now and made Cortana activate itself upon hearing these words. The problem with this feature was that it often ended up interfering with Android features for many. This feature was already not available on the iOS version of the app as it interfered with Apple’s terms and services.

As it turns out this wasn’t the only thing Microsoft did in its latest update. Due to constant complaints of malfunctioning headphones and messed up Google features, Microsoft even went as far as removing the app completely from the US Market in this update. So, effectively if you’re someone in the US with the app already installed, it seems like you will have to wait quite a fair bit for Microsoft to start fixing things.

As of this moment, no official word has been released from Microsoft concerning their actions. However, we do expect that the software Giants will soon get around to fixing these bugs and finally be able to offer somewhat of a decent functioning app to the Android users. Till then, we would like to amend our previous review by stating that Cortana is no longer the dumbed down version of Siri or Google Now, it is in fact the equivalent of hiring your Mother in Law as your assistant and would equivalently behave as such!

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