Microsoft Translator App Offers Real Time Translation


As someone living in a foreign land whose language is unknown to me, I simply can’t appreciate translator apps enough. It’s thanks to these apps that people like me can freely talk with others of different cultures and/or ignorantly travel without worrying about the fact if we can speak the native language or not. That being said, the translator apps of today are still far from perfect and often leave quite a bit to be desired. However, with time these apps are slowly improving and introducing new features that allow people from various cultures to converse with ease. A great example of this has to be the real time translator option being offered by the Microsoft Translator app.

Microsoft Translator takes voice recognition to the next level and allows users to carry on a real time conversation with the help of a smart watch. This is accomplished by running the app on both the phone and the watch and sharing the devices among the parties to act as the designated translator. The app conveys the translated message on the other device, ensuring each user can understand the other without having to resort to passing the same device to each other over and over again. As of this moment this feature is only supported for a few selected languages, which include Mandarin Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.

The feature still has a lot of ground to cover, which is even acknowledged by Microsoft as they wrote “We haven’t gotten to a babelfish experience yet, and we’ll keep working towards providing better and a more natural translation experience in the future.” in the blog post that announced the new feature.

So if you own a smart watch along with your phone and speak any two of the above mentioned languages, do give this feature a try and tell us just how accurate the app was for you.

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