Moto X Rumor Round up

Unless you have been living under a rock as of late, you probably would be aware of the recent hype that is being created by Motorola’s latest to be announced smartphone, the Moto X. With so many official mentions and rumors popping up about the device, it’s hard for almost anyone to keep up with them. That’s why, we here at Android Junkies thought it would be apt to do a rumor round up for the Moto X.

Design and Customizability

The first and one of the most talked about rumor surrounding the Moto X has to be the amount of customizability options available for users at the purchase of the device. While some rumors indicated that users will even be able to customize the hardware of the phone, recent official comments from the developers quashed all such talks. However, recent rumors do suggest that users will be able to choose the material of the phone along with its colors and preinstalled apps at the time of purchase. While no one is really sure how many colors the device will offer (some distant rumors suggest up to 20 colors) certain reports from android news websites such as Android and Me do tell us that users will be able to choose from plastic, metal, wood and carbon fiber for the phone’s case material.

Another rumor from ABC news suggests that not only users will be able to choose the color of the back plate and side trims of the phone from a wide array but also will be able to engrave a name or a message on the back plate of the phone as well. The publication also mentions that carriers will only have the standard version of the phone while the customized versions will be available on a website (no doubt that website will be the official Motorola website).


There also has been a leaked video on the internet in which the device is said to be available in white and black colors for carriers suggesting that these will be the standard models of the phone.

While no official images of the phone have been leaked, there are still unofficial pictures of the phone available on the phone. One of them is of Eric Schmidt using the said device in a conference to attend a call which I like to think of as a publicity stunt.

Under the Hood

No one exactly knows what is under the Moto X’s hood. Apparently, Google has been able to keep this very quiet from prying eyes. While authentic leak sources such as @eveleaks suggests that the phone will only be a mid-ranged smartphone with a lot of customizability options, there are those who believe that this device will be able to give Galaxy S4 and the iPhone a run for their money.

A leaked video of AT&T’s variant of the Moto X did indeed suggest that the phone might pack a 4.7-inch 720p display and a 1.7GHz dual-core processor – either a Snapdragon S4 Plus or a Snapdragon S4 Pro running on Android 4.2.2. However, the benchmark results popping up for that very version of the phone are on par with Snapdragon 600 processors, which certainly is puzzling.


There are also rumors suggesting that the phone will offers users a whole lot of options when it comes to storage and will also provide them with a built in 4000 mAh battery as well (the last one coming from GSM Arena).

As for the camera of the phone, there is still a lot of speculation going on about that as well. No one really knows for sure what megapixels exactly will the Moto X pack but there are certain rumors emerging which are suggesting that the phone will pack a “Clear Pixel” technology camera that will be able to take better pictures in low lighting conditions. Apparently, Motorola is going to follow HTC in this regard and market a brand new technology with a new name as their own.

Recent trolls by Motorola on Twitter also suggest that either their camera app will be really fast or will have the potential to reduce blur so you will be able to catch all the moments in your life that pass you by in a fast pace. I mean seriously, Google must really be enjoying all of this!

The phone is also rumored to feature contextual awareness as well as advanced voice recognition technology. This rumor from ABC, suggests that the phone will be able to judge when you want to take a picture and will launch the camera app automatically or turn to speech mode when you’re driving without you bothering to lift a finger. Now, I don’t know how Google plans on accomplishing this without a myriad of errors but hey who knows this is after all Google we are talking about.


However, a recent video did reveal that users will be able to open apps quickly by the help of gestures. The video showcased the users opening the camera app just by twisting the wrist twice.

Price and Availability

Even though the phone is said to be available at a low cost of $299 sometime in August, there are other rumors that suggest that the phone actually will be $699 unlocked and $199 on contract from Verizon and will be offered sometime in August (some rumors do suggest the exact date to be August 23).


The device is rumored to be available for users on AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and US Cellular.

Oh and the official page for Moto X’s sign up on Motorola’s website is also up, so in case you are interested go sign up there to get notified when the device is ready for its final unveiling. Personally, I still think that Google is going to surprise us all with the Moto X and all of this is just a controlled marketing scheme.

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