Moto X Toolkit for Mac makes your life easier

Moto X Toolkit for Mac

One thing you may have noticed while trying to tweak around with your Android device is that support for Mac and Linux is relatively low as compared to Windows. While many developers do admit that it is easier to do things in Linux, they can’t ignore the fact that due to the user friendliness of Windows it is one of the most commonly used OS in the world. That is why, almost all of our guides are mainly for Window users as well, though with a bit of tweaking you can apply the same steps on a Mac or a computer running Linux.

That being said, we can’t help but feel a bit sorry for those of you who own a Mac and as a gesture of good faith, today are going to feature the Moto X Toolkit for Mac. The toolkit in question as the name implies, is Mac exclusive and helps users accomplish various tasks which previously had them typing away in the terminal with the help of adb and fastboot commands.

The features offered by the Moto X Toolkit for Mac are (as advertised by the toolkit’s creator, mjphillips1981):

  • Root your device (unlocked bootloader only) if you have a locked bootloader, this tool points you to follow SlapMyMoto
  • Unroot your device
  • Flash stock recovery
  • Flash factory images (back to stock)
  • Install new boot animation
  • Install new clogo or bootlogo
  • Remove unwanted system apps (debloat)
  • Activate mobile hotspot (AT&T and VZW only right now)
  • Install ringtones and notifications to the system (rooted only)
  • And all reboot options

Installation Instructions

Setting up the Moto X Toolkit for Mac is relatively easy as well as all you need to do is to download the .zip file from here and run moto_x_mac_tools.tool after extraction. From there you just have to follow some on screen instructions to start tweaking around with your phone.

The whole tool is quite easy to use and doesn’t really take that much time to get used to. However a word to the wise; we or the developer of this tool take no responsibility for any damages that might be done to your device while using the Moto X Toolkit for Mac. So do be careful even if the risk of something bad happening while using the tool are slim to none. Happy tweaking everybody.

Courtesy: XDA Developers

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