Motorola Moto X price leaks, starting at $299

Motorola Moto X

The Motorola Moto X is all in rage these days with its all American made tag line. The smartphone is highly anticipated and comes with respectable specs (from the leaks we have seen). We were a little bit worried about the price of the Motorola Moto X; this is because of the American made thingy. You see outsourcing assembly makes the smartphones and tablets a lot cheaper in the whole world. That is why many manufacturers send their devices to be assembled in China.

But it if the latest leak is true, it seems our fear was false. The Motorola Moto X is said to be coming at a really affordable price of $299 off contract for the 16 GB model. The 32 GB Motorola Moto X will however will go as up to $349. This is according to PhoneArena’s sources in China. If this turns out to be true, the Motorola Moto X will be in line with the likes of the Nexus 4. Google and Motorola has been buddies since a long time now and it won’t come off as a surprise that the Motorola Moto X become available on the Play Store too.

For Europe the Motorola Moto X will go for 299 euros for 16 GB and 349 euros for 32 GB versions. Google has already slated the official Motorola Moto X unveiling event on first August. The smartphone is rumored to be launched in the United States sometime later August. The rest of the world will probably get the smartphone sometime later. The Motorola Moto X price is quite tempting, especially if you consider the specs and build quality. We will be keeping tabs on this one and update you as seen as something significant comes out way. Until then wait for the official unveiling.

Source: Phone Arena

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