Mugen Power introduces 5,500 mAh battery for Galaxy S4


Are you among those 20 million people who bought the Samsung Galaxy S4? Are you satisfied by the stock battery which provides almost 4 hours of video playback? Say what? No? Then check out Mugen Power 5,500 mAh battery for the Samsung Galaxy S4. It is a battery pack which will provide almost double the juice which was available with the stock battery.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 packs a very reasonable 2,600 mAh battery which has some really impressive timing. But if you are anywhere like me, you must find that inadequate. I personally check my Samsung Galaxy S4 every few minutes. Not that I fear it might be stolen but the amount of social and work notifications I get. Naturally the battery runs dry in half a day only.

So why did I wait for Mugen Power to introduce their hefty battery? Well to be honest there are many third party batteries available for the Samsung Galaxy S4 but I have used the extended battery for my Galaxy S3 which was made by the same company. Also Mugen Power battery comes with a compatible back plate which has the nifty NFC coil, allowing me to use the flagship without the fear of losing some of the features.

Mugen Power says that the Galaxy S4 extended battery will more than double the battery life of your smartphone. If you use your smartphone for only essential tasks, then you can easily expect it to last around 3-4 days. But for power users the battery will be sufficient for a full day of tinkering. The Mugen Power extended battery will come in late July for $89.50 only. It will only be available in black and white colors though.

Source: Android Authority

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