New Weather Channel App is Just What I Asked For

weather channel appI’ve always used The Weather Channel’s app when I need to check the weather on my phone. The information is usually pretty good, but there was one major problem in the old version of the app, and it was that you can’t refresh any of the information. That basically means that if you are a weather geek like me and are trying to check the radar every 15 minutes, it’s going to be difficult unless you want to constantly be rebooting your phone.

That (obviously) isn’t the only major improvement in the new version of The Weather Channel App. The welcome screen lists all of the following improvements:

  •  New interactive maps and layers
  • Rain stop/start on the Now screen
  • More details for your TruPoint location
  • Follow me setting
  • Rich video
  • Improved weather widgets
  • Improved location management
  • Better notifications
  • Share the weather screens

The new update allows you to set as many locations as you can desire either via city and state, zip code, or GPS. There is also a follow me feature if you are traveling that will update your location via GPS so you can also have the weather pinned to your location. There is a lot more news and video content as well. If you’re a fan of widgets, the new Weather channel app includes 3 widgets, a 1×1, a 2,2, and a 4×1, with a multitude of configurations.

My favorite improvement was that you can now have the temperature show up in your toolbar at the top and the notifications window when you pull it down, and you can also get more accurate severe weather alerts. Something that would have come in handy for me today is the ability to share the weather screens without the need to take a screenshot.

If you don’t already have the weather channel app set to update automatically, definitely go to the Google Play store on your phone and do the update. If you have never used the Weather Channel App before, I would definitely recommend it. From what I can tell, it’s the best.

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