Nexus 7 II press images leaked, release date soon


The Nexus 7 was one tablet which changed the whole landscape of the Android tablet scene. It’s only natural that we are extremely excited about the Nexus 7 II (or the next Nexus 7 or whatever it’s going to be called). Today we have some nice and clear images of the Nexus 7 II which seems to be from a press release. The images show the front and the back of the Nexus 7 II and were leaked by the one and only @evleaks. This image coincides with the one leaked yesterday which showed us the Best Buy ad. Judging from both the leaks, we have to admit the Nexus 7 II in these leaks seems to be the real deal. Check out the latest leaked picture above and head on for our expert *cough* analysis.


As you can see the Nexus 7 II is quite different from the previous iteration of the tablet. The wallpaper is different and interestingly the time shown is 4:30 (a nod to the Android 4.3 perhaps). The size seems to be larger but the Nexus 7 II is a bit thinner than the Nexus 7. There is a front camera seen on the Nexus 7 II, the notification light is also clearly observed. On the back of the Nexus 7 II, the Nexus branding is now in landscape mode rather than the portrait one found on the Nexus 7. The camera is a bit bigger, but it might be just me. We can spot the two speakers on the rear as well, on the top and bottom of the Nexus 7 II. The volume rocker and the power button seem to be on the appropriate place too.


The Nexus 7 II shown in the pictures seems to be the SIM enabled version as the tray is visible on the side of the device. The Nexus 7 II is supposed to launch with 16 and 32 GB memory versions in August (probably). We will keep you in the loop.

Source: @evleaks, @evleaks 2 and @poke4christ

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