Nova Launcher Prime On Sale for $1

One of the best things about Android is its flexibility and customization. Nova Launcher Prime is one of the best launchers for Android and it is on sale for just a buck on the Google Play Store. The normal going price of the launcher is around $5 and seeing it for $1 makes my heart fill with joy. A lot of our readers don’t like the stock Samsung, HTC or LG skins and let’s be honest here, stock Android is pretty barebones as well. Nova Launcher Prime is your ticket to a better looking Android experience.

Nova Launcher PrimeI purchased the launcher a few years back because I fell in love with it. I also played around with other launchers like Action Launcher and GO Launcher but eventually settled with Nova Launcher Prime. That was back in 2012. 4 smartphones and almost a hundred ROM changes later, there is only one thing constant and that is Nova Launcher Prime.

While Nova Launcher Prime is basically the free version with additional customization options, the additional features are amazing. You will be getting gesture support, which makes everything so much easier and instantly 10 times awesome. I don’t have an app drawer button on my home screen. This is because I can open it just by swiping upward and launching it. Yes, the experience is so much cooler than stock launchers. I have seen my friends get confused and then amused with how my home screen looks and handles.

By now I probably sound like a salesman for Nova Launcher Prime, a paid stooge if you will. But let me assure you, after you have spent a fair amount of time with the launcher and truly made it your own, you will love it as well. Even if you don’t want to use the launcher right away, I still suggest you purchase it for a rainy day. Nova Launcher Prime rarely goes on to sale.

Google Play Store: Nova Launcher Prime

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