OnePlus One, a new smartphone in town

OnePlus One

OnePlus One is a smartphone from a Hong Kong based company which you probably haven’t heard of before. When OnePlus sent us a press release about OnePlus One, a new smartphone they are making, we were not that impressed. After all, all the manufactures like to tout their devices as amazing and great. But after seeing some leaks about the OnePlus One and hearing the pricing plans, we couldn’t help but be a little curious.

OnePlusOne-sketchOnePlus One is rumored to have a 5.5 inch screen at 1080p full HD screen with something called JDI Display. If the display ends up being pronounced as Jedi, we will be instant fans of the tech. There is also supposed to be a fast Qualcomm Quad Core Snapdragon 800 processor inside the smartphone. The OnePlus One will also come with a 3100 mAh batter with Mystery Tech. These are the specs we know thanks to leaks and rumors about the smartphone and so far it is looking like a good one. The fact that the screen body ratio will be at 72%, makes OnePlus One an interesting device.


OnePlus One is also shaping up to be one of the best modder friendly device out there. The smartphone will run a special made oneplus-specsCyanogenMod OS, with an always on and always listening feature. The camera samples we saw were also quite competent. The best thing about OnePlus One is that it features a metallic uni-body much like HTC One. The smartphone will look amazing if the leaked designs are to be trusted. So what will the smartphone cost you? If the rumors are correct, the smartphone will sell for under $400. The company is also going to ship worldwide so we don’t have to worry about getting our hands on one of the most affordable full HD smartphones around. We will keep you in the loop.

Source: Phone Arena

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