Oppo N1 Mini smartphone is 5 inch in size

Oppo N1 Mini

Oppo has announced a new smartphone earlier this week and it is called the Oppo N1 Mini. While many mini smartphones are below the 5 inch mark, this particular one is exactly of 5 inches. This makes other 5 inch flagship smartphone shiver with shame. The Oppo N1 Mini is a new smartphone by the company which made the Oppo N1, a 5.9 inch behemoth of a smartphone. It’s only natural that a smartphone which is almost of 6 inches receive a mini smartphone of 5 inch size.

The Oppo N1 Mini does have other things which make it a mini smartphone though. For example the 5 inch screen is of only HD 720p resolution rather than the full HD 1080p one found on its big brother. The smartphone also downgraded the battery capacity which is now 2140 mAh instead of the 3610 mAh one featured on the Oppo N1. The Oppo N1 Mini probably will come with an eight core MediaTek processor and 1 GB of RAM but as of now the real specs are kept locked up.

Oppo N1 Mini

While the full spec sheet of Oppo N1 Mini is not announced we do have one thing to share. The smartphone will have a 13 MP rotating camera which will make it a selfie enthusiast dream. The smartphone will only weigh 150 grams which is not bad for a smartphone of the size. The shape of Oppo N1 Mini seems very pleasant to look at and we do hope the smartphone feels great too. The Oppo N1 Mini is going to get a full launch event on June 10th so we will have more information about it then. We can only tell that the smartphone will be launching in limited regions the very next day of the even. We will keep you posted about the Oppo N1 Mini.

Source: G for Games

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