Oukitel Reveals the K6000 Premium, a Phone with 6000mAh Battery


There are a myriad of Android devices available on the market and it can be quite a bit hectic if you’re aiming to buy a cheap MTK device due to so many options. While most of these devices are just mid ranged trash, there are some which offer some unique features and boosts in terms of their performance. Oukitel devices are regarded among ┬áthe latter and now in an effort to keep up their tradition of weirdly innovative devices, the manufacturer has just released the K6000.

The K6000 is a mid ranged premium device with the standard MTK Helio X20 chipset, a 5.5 inches Amoled screen and a whooping 6000 mAh battery. Now, we know that many of you may frown on the Amoled screen but thanks to its low battery consumption, the manufacturer is boasting that on a single charge the phone will be able to run for 3 days. If that wasn’t enough, the phone also supports quick charge making the whole procedure of charging that enormous battery quite a breeze.

In terms of its camera, the K6000 will have a 21 MP rear and 8 MP front camera, both of which will contain some sensors that you can only find on high end devices. The device will also boast a 4GB RAM in its tier 1 variant. The only downside is the fact that the phone will only contain 32 GB of internal storage, which thankfully will be expandable up to 128 GB thanks to a mirco SD card slot in the phone.

Of course, the company has also released some lower level devices with somewhat lowered specs in terms of the RAM and camera. These devices will be made available for a cheaper price but what that exact price tag would be is still a mystery. Hopefully, more light will be shed upon it when the device is officially released to some selected sellers around the world.

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