Project Astoria Delayed by Microsoft


Ever since its release, Windows has struggled to find a strong footing in the world of smart phones, which is dominated by Android and iOS. One of the major hurdles Microsoft faced in making their OS popular in handheld devices was the lack of developers on their platform. This is why they went on to announce the beginning of development of a tool called Project Astoria, which would allow developers to port their Android apps to Windows 10 OS with ease.

At least that was their intention; however in a latest statement issued by Microsoft it seems that the tool has been further delayed. In the official statement, the spokesperson for the company went on the record by stating, “We’re committed to offering developers many options to bring their apps to the Windows Platform. (But) The Astoria bridge is not ready yet, but other tools offer great options for developers.”

This seems a bit uncharacteristic from the software behemoth, especially considering that they have already managed to release tools to port over iOS and web applications over to windows with ease. For those of you who’re wondering, the Astoria Bridge was supposed to provide an emulator to make the Android app run on the Windows platform. This delay might be due to the fact that a port will never run as smoothly as an app that was programmed exclusively on the Windows platform, which is something that the company highly encourages developers to do instead of simply porting their apps over to the OS.

In any case, this delay might hinder the shift of many indie third party app developers, who often don’t have the time to write a new app from scratch on a completely different platform. That being said, we are still hopeful that this will turn out to be only be a slight delay and not a cancellation of the project.

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