Review: Age of Empires

unnamedThere have been a lot of remakes of famous games for the Android OS so that people may enjoy their favorite games on their hand held devices. Some common names include: Mario, Castlevania and Age of Empires. These games have been developed by independent software houses and often would have nothing to do with the original story line of the games but they are fun to play nonetheless.

Age of Empires is one of the more famous remakes of such games. The famous strategy based game is now available on the Android Play Store for people to download and enjoy. The game is developed by Silent Ocean and is doing quite well on the Play Store. With over 5 million global downloads it is one of the top grossing games in over 20 countries.

The game itself is free to play but has that annoying feature in which you have to pay the game makers with real world cash in order to buy some amazing weaponry and upgrades in game. Once you work past that annoyance, the second irksome thing about the game is that it requires a constant network connection to play.

So what is it that makes this game worth the time to download and play? Well, if you are going to say the graphics and sound, you will be dead wrong again as the graphics like every other top down strategy game are nothing to write home about but in my view are quite good for a top down strategy game. The sound is far too unconventional for a game like Age of Empires in my view and after some time got on my nerves.

The only redeeming factor, which makes the whole game worth my time is it’s gameplay. The game developers seemingly only focused on this part of the game as honestly in games like Age of Empires it’s the strategy and enemy AI that matters and not the graphics or the sounds. The game stays true to the original Age of Empires heritage and has you develop bases, train troops, buy different upgrades by collecting resources and strategically fight and defeat your enemies. This makes the whole game worth the approx. 18 mb download and really fun to play.

For those of you who really like strategy games, Age of Empires on the Android is definitely worth a try!

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