Review: Air Droid, your whole phone on PC

Wires, you hate them, I hate them but we have to rely on them a lot. Air, we love it and android, we love that too. So Air Droid is a wireless remote phone with a friendly user interface, which you are bound to love. There are many file transfer apps available on the Google Play store but none (so far I have tried around 16) offer the versatility and features which Air Droid does. Sure some may say that remote file manager has more options or this one is faster, but it will be hard to find a app which does it all and it does it in style.Air Droid

Not everyone carries a data cable around with them where ever they go; it’s not only unwieldy but also cumbersome. Sure you can put that in your laptop bag and get it out every time you want to transfer a little file, but what if there was an elegant solution. Air Droid provides remote connectivity with your Android smartphone, and it is amazingly fast and reliable. Samsung Kies Air failed me whenever I wanted to send a larger file to my galaxy S3, and it was designed for that particular device. Air Droid gets way from the ugly interfaces we are used to seeing, and presents a clean and streamlined look. Providing you with all the information on one browser screen and letting you do almost anything with your phone without even touching it.

Have a boss who is against messaging? No problem, connect your phone with Air Droid and receive and send messages in complete stealth and peace. Want to transfer hundreds of photos to your friend and forgot to bring the data cable? Air Droid will do that without the need for any software on your PC. Just a simple web browser, and active Wi Fi connection and you are ready to roll. This is among my favorite apps on Android, and it’s the very first I install whenever I change ROMs. Highly recommended if you have a rooted phone, also Air Droid is free to use. Download it now and don’t worry about taking the data cable with your everywhere.

Google Play Link: Air Droid

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