Review: Castle of Shadows – A Castlevania Remake for Android

4259361159548390677_1_screenshot.pngRemember those good old days of NES? When you used to kick back and play those retro 16 bit games like Mario, Castlevania, Sonic etc. thinking how could it get any better than this? Well those days are long gone but they did leave us with some pretty wonderful memories. Out of those memories, one game that always stuck out in my imagination was the Castlevania series. Yes, even the crappy Simon’s Quest did leave some memories (more bad than good but still whose counting).

You can imagine my surprise when I found out a game that was almost a ditto copy of the Castlevania game released in Japan. Yes, the lost holy goodness that was denied to the western world just because Japanese had to be all cool and deny us the pleasure of slicing and dicing enemies while going berserk! Castle of Shadows is truly a worthy successor to that game and will take you back to your childhood even if you never were a fan of the retro era of gaming.

 The game itself (for those of you who don’t know) is a slice and dice RPG in which you go through stage to stage leveling up your character and selecting what weapons you wish to use and with what enchantments. You can level your character up to level 30 and have a wide array of different weapons with their special abilities in your arsenal along with different combos.

The graphics of the game are exactly as they should be: colorful, vivid and have that 16 bit goodness in them, just what you expect from a classic Castlevania remake!  The game needs a good processor/smart phone as it sometimes lags up when the screen is filled with minions. I recommend at least a S2 or higher.

The gameplay is just amazing with a very short learning curve. You move by moving your left thumb and attack or jump via two buttons towards the right side of the screen. You always have access to two combos that you can use provided if you have enough combo points. Oh before you ask, combo points are earned via slashing combos by pressing different attack direction keys and striking the enemy. If you are still confused don’t worry, the game pretty much holds your hand and teaches you how to play.

The game itself is free to play but needs an internet connection to save with an integration of Playphone to your Facebook account which is the only tedious thing I have a complaint about. Yes, as always you can spend money to earn more gold in game or you can play it each day to earn special gifts/gold each continuous day you play. I give it a worthy 3.9 stars out of 5.

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